How-to Throw Compost in the Trash

After posting a video demonstrating how the CompoKeeper works, we’ve gotten a number of comments from confused people wondering why we’d go through the effort of separating and collecting food scraps just to throw them away.

Here’s the video in question:

Curious to know the reason behind the madness? I’ll explain.

In Boulder, CO our city waste haulers (Wester Disposal and EcoCycle) collect compostable waste from curbside bins and dumpsters. The green trash bin at the end of the video is actually a municipal compost bin!

Every other week, Western Disposal picks our food waste up from the curb and takes it to their processing facility. The organic matter is spread out into windrows and a large machine is then used to turn the pile inside out on a continual basis.

Professional processing and maintenance enables the pile to get hot enough to kill seeds and bacteria. It’s also hot enough to break down compostable products (made from corn and other natural ingredients).

When it’s all said and done, Western Disposal either gives the finished compost back to their customers or use it for building projects and such. Pretty sweet! (FYI: Western customers, free compost giveaway coming at you this spring)

But wait, is that a trash bag?

The bag you see in this video is 100% compostable, BPI Certified (a very important label to look for when purchasing/using compostable products). I even know several backyard composters who use compostable bags to keep their inside pail clean.

There are a number of brands that make compostable bags. We like the sturdiness of EcoSafe bags and the availability of BioBags. Other bags include NaturTech Naturbags, Bag to Nature and Bag to Earth, to name a few. We’ve found that the 12 gallon Kitchen bags work best for the Tall CompoKeeper. If you’d prefer to use regular trash bags instead of buying compostable ones, that’s your call, just make sure to leave them out of the compost bin.

Here’s a video I found testing the sturdiness of a few bag brands. Warning, it’s kinda gross.

And here are some great resources that will help you find a compost facility near you.


CompostNow Compost Service Map

If you’re wanting to buy a CompoKeeper, I am regretful / thrilled to tell you that CK production is on hold for the time being. We’re working with product designers to create the new and improved (better looking) CompoKeeper. EXCITING! The available-for-purchase-date is still TBD, but get your name on the wait-list and you’ll be among the first to get your hands on one.

Any more questions? Keep them coming? What’s your preferred way to compost? Do you use bags? Which kind and why?

Do you know anyone who hates throwing away their food scraps but isn’t ready to take on another hobby– DIY composting? Share this blog with them so they can also learn about curbside compost collection and see if it’s an option for them.

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