Pedaling Trash to Treasure

Once your trash is taken to the curb, you’ll never think of it again. It’s not your problem any more. It basically…disappears.

Except it doesn’t.

When you compost food waste, on the other hand, it does disappear. When composted, food waste dissolves back into the soil becoming nutrient rich plant food.

But composting does take some work.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would deal with your food waste for you? You’d probably even pay for it, wouldn’t you?

Luckily, community driven compost collection services are blossoming all across the nation to help those of us who’d rather have someone else do the dirty work.


The altruistic, opportunistically minded see composting as a way to 1) make money and 2) improve the food, environment, and economy in their local community.

Ask them and they’ll tell list those in a different order.

Yup, even private companies, outside of municipalities, are embracing waste collection.

Here’s how it works:

  • YOU pay a monthly fee
  • They pick up food waste from your house or business (typically once a week or every other week)
  • They take it back to their home base to process it
  • They either donate or sell the finished compost to farms, schools, community gardens and back to YOU.

All you have to do is take a mili-second to put your organic waste into it’s correct receptacle.

Vegetable Scrap Pickup   Pedal to Petal

You can use the one provided (usually a 5 gallon bucket – pictured above) and maybe even get yourself a handy-dandy CompoKeeper to make indoor composting a less pesky and more enjoyable experience. That’s right, easy, clean and odor-free composting.

Here are a few businesses who see gold and glory in compost:

  • CompostNow – Currently servicing residents and small businesses in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Apex, and Morrisville, North Carolina. Soon to add Charlotte and Asheville to their service route. Live somewhere else in NC? Request service in your area here. ($25/month)
  • EcoMovement – Residential compost collection servicing Dover, Durham, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Rye, Newington, Kittery, Kittery Point and Eliot, New Hampshire ($6/week)

There are even some companies, like our friends at NedCompost, that go as far as using bikes and trailers to collect, transport and deliver compost. No CO2 emission from diesel trucks? Bonus!


  • NedCompost – Servicing residents and businesses in Nederland, Colorado (for residents $10 or 15/month for biweekly or weekly collection, respectively)
  • Pedal People –  Collecting food waste from single-family homes in Northampton, Florence and Leeds, Massachusetts ($22/month for weekly collection or $15/month for biweekly collection– compost only rates)
  • RotRiders – Serving houses and apartments in Kirksville, Missouri
  • Pedal to Petal – Collecting food waste from homes and businesses in Victoria, British Columbia ($5 per pick up)
  • Revolution Compost – Residential collection in Burlington, Vermont ($15 startup fee + $8 a week or $10 every other week)
  • Bootstrap Compost – Servicing the Great Boston Area, Massachusetts.  Bootstrappers pick up food waste from houses, apartments, dorms, co-ops, condos, cafes, offices, restaurants and for events. ($8 per week or $18 2x pickup per month)
  • Eureka! Recycling – Collecting compost from restaurants and events in Minneapolis 

*Rates listed may change

Improve the health of the food, environment and economy in your community = happy people.

Live in one of these areas? SIGN UP TODAY!!

You don’t but you know someone who does? Share this post with your friends to let them know about a great way to make their food waste dissolve back into the earth.

Your town isn’t on the list? I’m sure I’ve missed a few, check out this link from CompostNow to see a continuously updated map of compost collection businesses popping up near you .

And hey, if a compost collection service isn’t available in your community, you and your friends could be the ones to make it happen!

Leave your questions and comments. Let’s keep this conversation flowing.

Also, check out my post on How To Throw Compost in the Trash, to watch our controversial video and learn about compostable trash bags.

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