CompoKeeper LLC is a seed-stage family owned company operating out of Boulder, Colorado focused on designing and developing products that make the next step towards zero waste an easy one.

Our Mission

We aim to provide sustainable, convenient, and affordable recycling solution for keeping valuable resources–with negative environmental impact–out of landfills.

Our Goal

Our goal with the CompoKeeper is to boost participation in backyard and curbside composting by making it easy to do.  Ultimately we aim to help increase the amount of food waste that’s redirected from landfills towards more productive uses.

Our History

President, Van Hess, invented The CompoKeeper soon after Boulder implemented its curbside compost service.  Realizing there was a missing link between the cutting board and the outdoor bin, he went to work to develop a kitchen appliance that would eliminates the unpleasantries of composting.

Our People

Van Hess – Inventor / Co-Founder

Van is a problem solver.  Even at a young age he was disturbed by the amount of food that was thrown away every day.  Van was pleased when the city of Boulder provided a curbside recycling program that accepted food waste but he was somewhat reluctant to keep decomposing compost in his home.  When he invented the CompoKeeper as the solution to the annoying pests, messes and odors of composting, he knew he had to share it with the world.

Kristen Hess – Co-Founder / President

Kristen’s appreciation for nature began early on.  Growing up in beautiful Colorado and enjoying a variety of outdoor activities allowed her to cultivate an extraordinary respect for the natural world.  This respect inevitably grew into a sense of obligation.  Kristen is dedicated to being an agent of change and sees the CompoKeeper as her vehicle.  Kristen has been greatly inspired by her studies, travels, and hobbies, but, nevertheless, credits her dad for her green eyes.

Our Philosophy

Be a Courageous Problem-Solver.

We see courage as the space between vision and creation.  Vision imbues us with an idea, or solution, but to make that vision a reality, we need courage.  Courage is essential for creating and then dealing with what comes after.  Fear looms wherever failure or success are possibilities.  We know that “failure” is actually an opportunity to work out a new vision, a new solution.  And success, well it can actually be scary.  Marianne William wrote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  With courage, we dare to create and succeed.  We understand that, whether we are met with success or failure, more “work” will follow and we are fit for work.

Do Work.

We agree with the ancient teaching that says to do work because “unless you do the work that is close to your heart, you will remain unfulfilled.”  The word “work” can be seem demanding, but we see work as the process of focusing our energy to create something special and share with the world.  When we work this way, life is more beautiful, more meaningful, and more fulfilling.

Be an informational Sponge

We aim to consistently collect and share information.  It’s like the story, When you Give a Mouse a Cookie; when you give a person a piece of information they’re going to want more.  Envision this: when you give a person some new information (a cookie) they’re likely to take that information and turn it into a new action (milk).  If they find that satisfying, they’re likely to seek out more information (another cookie, please).  Eventually, that new behavior will become integrated it into their lifestyle (cookie monster).  We aim to recreate that story, replacing the sugar with knowledge and gluttony with resourcefulness.  On the opposite side of the same coin, in order to provide our customers and employees with the most up-to-date, relevant, and reliable information, we must seek and remain open to new and changing information from scientists, market experts, market trends, and our valued customers and coworkers.

Mindfully Seek Improvement.

We are open to improvement.  It’s easy to become attached to the status quo and avoid change because change can be uncomfortable and energy consuming.  But we know that the only thing constant in nature is change, so we vow to stay open and welcome sensible positive change that will improve our products, company, and community.

Joyfully Participate in the Cycle of Life.

The practice of composting cultivates an appreciation for the cycle of life and, specifically, the commonly undervalued process of death-to-new life.  We are delighted to participate in this graceful natural occurrence and aim to share this opportunity with our employees and customers.

Live Your Passion

We believe that life is best when balanced with family, work, rest and play and interwoven with passion.  We encourage our customers and employees to thread their passion for the environment through every facet of their life.


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