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Where’s the Meat?

At CompoKeeper, it is our mission to empower people to live healthy, clean lives, without harming the environment. We aim to empower through education; themed education to be exact. M is for Monday, and Meat, or Meatless, rather… Note: Don’t worry, this is not an attempt to get you to become a vegetarian, only to try something … Continue reading

Planting The Seed With Worm Poo

I recently shared 7 ways to keep food scraps out of the dump, even if your time and space are limited. Starting a worm bin is probably the cheapest, most widely available option for many of you. I decided to give it a go myself to prove how easy it can be. Check it out! It … Continue reading

Pedaling Trash to Treasure

Once your trash is taken to the curb, you’ll never think of it again. It’s not your problem any more. It basically…disappears. Except it doesn’t. When you compost food waste, on the other hand, it does disappear. When composted, food waste dissolves back into the soil becoming nutrient rich plant food. But composting does take some work. … Continue reading

2 Excuses For Not Composting – And How-To Get Around Them

If you’re not composting yet you’ve either got one of two problems…or maybe both. Either way, we’ve got 7 ways to get you past your time and space issues. Problem : Space  You live in an apartment / don’t have a yard. Solution : You’ve got three options. 1) Find a way to recycle food … Continue reading

How-to Throw Compost in the Trash

After posting a video demonstrating how the CompoKeeper works, we’ve gotten a number of comments from confused people wondering why we’d go through the effort of separating and collecting food scraps just to throw them away. Here’s the video in question: Curious to know the reason behind the madness? I’ll explain. In Boulder, CO our city … Continue reading